Our Story

One afternoon the innovator and founder of the Coffeebrewer concept, Ulrik Skovgaard Rasmussen, realized that he had run out of filters for the traditional coffee drip maker, just as he desperately needed a refreshing cup of coffee. The idea took root in such a way that Ulrik has worked for more than 10 years with the vision and dedication to develop a revolutionary new way for coffee lovers to brew and enjoy gourmet coffee.

Our Mission And Values

In our mind – coffee is inherently a “people’s drink”. It’s brewed and enjoyed by millions of people and is the energy source that keeps us going – day in and day out.

Therefore we think it’s time to celebrate this drink, appreciate the taste, it’s true characteristics and not least to acknowledge the people behind this drink – the coffee farmer!

Thus, our mission is to make people enjoy and appreciate great coffee – anywhere, anytime!

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Grower's Cup Great Taste Award Grower's Cup Best New Beverage Concept Innovation Award Finalist Grower's Cup Best Carton or Pouch Innovation Award Finalist