Colombia, Caturra De Altura

Granja la Esperanza


12 Coffeebrewers (in a box)

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Café Granja La Esperanza has grown since the first farm “Potosi” was created in 1950 in the Caicedonia area. Today, it is one of the leading farms in Colombia, producing some of the best coffees in the world. The farm has been recognized three times for producing the best coffee of the year in Colombia by Specialty Coffee Association of America. This coffee has a lively aroma with citrus and almonds flavors. It is a delicious clean cup with a good body, crisp acidity and very pronounced sweetness stone fruits.

Additional Information

SKU A100654
EAN Code 5710129701355
Weight (kg) 0.5400
Product Group Specialty
Price Per Box
Products Per Unit 12
Farm Granja La Esperanza
Coffee 100% Arabica Coffee From Colombia
Processing Washed
Altitude 1700-1900m
Is Coffee Card? No

Open, brew & serve

Brewing 2 cups of gourmet coffee has never been easier. You just add hot water into the pouch. Brew for 4 – 6 minutes and serve. In fact the Coffeebrewer allows you to design your coffee exactly like you want it.

If you want your coffee stronger, you poor less water in and/or you let it brew for longer. If you want milder coffee, you pour in more water and/or let it brew for shorter.

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