Organic Tea & Chocolate Almond Gift Box


5 Organic Teabrewers for 10-15 cups of tea, 4 Organic Almond jars

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The assorted gift box contains 5 Teabrewers with 5 different super premium whole leaf infusion teas and 4 different variants of chocolate coated almonds from Woodshade Organics. This box will most likely introduce you to a range of teas that you have never tasted before.

If you want to spoil your self, your family or friends with really tasty and interesting teas – this is the kit to buy! This is definitely affordable luxury for home and work use.

This a perfect and very tasteful gift item for a female friend, since most girls love a tasty cup of tea as well as they like to be surprised by something new and different. Furthermore this is excellent for travelling, great holiday tea, and brilliant for sharing a special moment.

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Just, open, brew & serve

Game changing innovation!

The principle of brewing tea in the Teabrewer is exactly like brewing tea in a teapot.

The tea in a teabag is "confined" in a small compartment and the hot water will not have an efficient and direct contact with the tea material. Therefore, there is no chance that it will effectively be able to wash-out/extract enough natural flavor from natural tea, wherefore the tea has to be flavoured.


The principle of brewing tea in the Teabrewer is basically like brewing tea in a teapot.

The brewing principle in the Teabrewer is to ensure 100% direct contact between the hot water and the whole leaf tea.

This allows for a natural and effective steeping of the whole leaf tea. In other words, the perfect INFUSION process.

TIP: When you have served the first cup, you will stop the brewing proces as the remaining tea/water will be below the filter with the whole leaf tea. Thus, this will ensure that it doesn't turn bitter.

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